Fume extraction and scrubbing

Smoke abatement towers in PP

Fume scrubbing tower


We build exhaust ventilation systems with optional scrubbing of vapours or harmful fumes from production processes using plastics resistant to chemical attack and weathering.


Smoke abatement towers

Fume scrubbing tower


We can build turnkey systems ranging from vapour exhaust and capture hoods to manifolds for conveying to chimneys or scrubbing towers, also constructed from plastic materials, and the design may be either upright or horizontal with fixed contact bed. COMPLAST 79 only uses plastics that are especially resistant to chemical attack and weathering such as PVC, polypropylene, polyethylene, PVDF, PRFV (fibreglass), etc.

Fume extraction system

We also manufacture tailor-made smoke extraction systems in a short time starting from the project or developing it internally based on the requests.

Exhaust ventilation systems and scrubbers manufactured by COMPLAST 79