Fibreglass tanks

Serbatoi in PRFV

Closed-top tanks in PRFV

Fibreglass-reinforced polyester resin (PRFV) tanks form a family of materials with exceptional properties that have become an essential requirement for the processing, storage and transport of highly-corrosive liquids. They are composite materials, so called since they are the combination of two distinct elements, usually resins and reinforcing fibres, that determine their characteristics: the polyester resin, matrix of the compound, provides the chemical, electrical and thermal properties; the fibreglass is the reinforcement that lends the structure its mechanical strength.

seratoi in PRFV

Closed-top tanks in PRFV

The internal chemical-resistant barrier is obtained with a layer of C-glass and bisphenol polyester resin providing excellent chemical resistance, above which a structure is formed by continuous filament winding whose orientation angles also include the bottom, thus giving the structure high mechanical strength, whilst the outer coating comprises C- or E-glass impregnated with weather-resistant resins.

The most immediate advantages obtained from this type of tank are: high chemical resistance, high mechanical strength along with reduced weight (about ¼ that of steel), long service life with lower maintenance, exceptional electrical insulation with high resistance to galvanic corrosion and stray current, excellent thermal insulation due to the low thermal conductivity.

Some of the tanks manufactured by COMPLAST 79