Centrifugal fans

Ventilatore centrifugo in PP e PRFV

PP and PRFV fans

We manufacture centrifugal fans with a choice of direct or belt drive. They are normally employed in all those systems or areas that need to convey vapours or harmful and corrosive fumes, indeed, in the case of smaller flow capacities, the materials generally utilised for the construction of the volute casing, impeller and baseplate are chemical-resistant plastics (PVC, polypropylene or PVDF), at times reinforced with PRFV.

Ventilatore centrifugo (2)

PVC fans
As regards medium and large flow capacities, carbon-iron alloys are also used to construct the baseplate, whilst stainless steel or rubberised carbon steel are used for the impellers. The impeller may be connected directly to the motor or fitted to a support if belt-driven. The huge range of Complast centrifugal fans is designed to satisfy every type of performance requirement.

Examples of fans manufactured by COMPLAST 79